Monday, August 30, 2010

New Scrapbook Page

Hi everyone! I have been noticing lots more activity on my blog lately! Thanks everyone for checking my page out! Here is my newest layout!

This one is of some great pics I took of my girls last winter... I was trying to get a nice beautiful picture to include in a nice frame for my parents, and all they would do is giggle and make silly faces... but they were so cute I couldn't be upset at them!

I created this page using a beautiful mini-kit from Kiki Halbert called Bubblegum Classic, and a template from Jen C Designs.

Ok, I'm heading to bed now! It's late and the kiddos will be up EARLY in the morning! LOL! Oh well, isn't that what Solomon was talking about in Proverbs 31... Up late and up early = NO SLEEP! See ya later!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It has been forever!

Oh my Goodness, it has been ages since I have posted anything on here! July was an absolutely busy month and soooo hot! Our A/C was broken for a while and I was about to melt! Thank God it's all better now! LOL!

Kenzie went to church camp and I went with her as a dorm mom! We had a great time and made lots of friends! God really moved in the services and almost 40 kids received the Holy Ghost! Praise God! What an awesome time!

And of course I have been getting ready to start homeschool again. Abby is five now so I will be teaching her basic reading and math mostly. Kenzie is eight and going into third grade, and she reads great. After her achievement test this spring though, I have realized that we need to work on her Language Mechanics... you know, punctuation, capitalization, etc.We will be using mostly Abeka curriculum for Kenzie this year along with lots of classic books, like McGuffey Readers and other books from long ago.

We are planning to do some lapbooking together as a family too so that should be fun! I think lapbooking appeals to me alot because it is so similar to scrapbooking! So as we work on these I will post pictures.

Ok since most of this post has been about homeschooling... I want to share a couple of new scrapbook pages with you that I just finished using a great new kit from Circle of Life Scraps...Hooray 4 Homeschool by Circle Of Life Scraps So here they are!